About Me


In order to get an accurate glimpse at  what I will be blogging about, having an insight as to who I am as an individual, what my personal views are, as well as what I find enjoyable and amusing will help a lot.

My name is Ashley and I am currently studying Psychology at the University of California, San Diego. I aspire to continue my studies as a graduate and eventually finding a job that will allow me to work with children. I have recently been getting involved with politics and am registered as a Democrat. I would also label myself as a feminist, and am a firm believer in equal rights for people of colour, people with disabilities, as well as the  LGBTQIA  community.

In my spare time I enjoy going online, playing music, drawing, and spending time with my close friends, as well as my boyfriend. I also enjoy a variety of television programmes including, but not limited to: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Bob’s Burgers, and Chopped.


4 responses to “About Me

  1. Hiiiiiiiiiii guess whos this meheheh

  2. Oh wait u can see my email huh. Dammit

  3. More post more more moreeeeeee

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